Body Exchange: Exclusive to a Plus Size Clientele

Body Exchange: Exclusive to a Plus Size Clientele

If you google the term, “plus size gyms”, the chances of you finding such a location is pretty slim….unless you’re in Canada.

Body Exchange is Canada’s only fit camp and adventure company exclusive to a plus size clientele. With three locations throughout the Vancouver area, the establishment opened in 2008 thanks to founder Louise Green. On the website it states that their mission is to remove limited thinking and living due to weight by using fitness and adventure as the vehicle to better living.

By joining the gym you are making a commitment. Body Exchange offers options to attend their program 2 or 3 times per week and incentive savings for long term commitments. The program includes lifestyle tips, group workouts and more.  Prices range from $135 to $185 depending on which program you select.

Of course the first thing cynics will say is, “Why do plus size individuals need a separate gym?”

Going into your local gym when you’re heavier than everyone there is not an easy task. You’re likely to have thoughts of inadequacy, failure and the feeling that you don’t belong as people much smaller than you prance throughout the gym. These types of feelings are normally self-induced out of fear of being in a place where no one looks like you or not being able to relate to your surroundings.

By providing a work out space that is inviting to plus size men and women, Body Exchange is helping people take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle.

I hope they open a location in Michigan very soon.

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  1. M

    June 22, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    This is such a fabulous idea. I could definitely benefit from one of these gyms in Texas. Houston to be more specific. 😉

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