Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Engaged, Young Love Prevails

Marriage or the mere discussion of marriage should exude happy feelings. With the exchange of wedding vows comes a new life, new experiences and an expanding family.

One would think that Miley Cyrus and Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth were getting a lot of attention because of their engagement announcement but that’s not the case. The uproar is because of their ages. Miley is 19 and Liam is 22 and apparently that’s wayyyyy too young.

Personally, I don’t think they’re too young to get married. As long as they are in love, have lived their lives as a single person to the fullest and are ready to settle down, then I say go for it.

My mom was 19 years old when she married my dad in 1968 and they remained married for almost 30 years (until my dad passed). Marriages don’t last nowadays the way they used to and that may be because of the ages people are when they get married for the first time. The 60’s may have been years ago and times have definitely changed but perhaps it’s time to for us to adapt a 1960’s type of mindset.

Currently Americans are waiting longer to get married than they did decades ago with the marriage rate decreasing 30% and the divorce rate increasing 40%.

According to the census bureau the average age of women getting married in 1970 was 20.8 and 23.2 for men. In 2010 the median age for women was 26.1 and 28.2 for men.

Although I’ve recently stated that everyone should wait until they reach their 30‘s to get married (a result of my recent divorce), after researching the topic a bit more it looks like young love is the way to go.

Statistics Available:

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