Designer Spotlight: Savannah Red, Eco-Friendly Designs for Plus Size Women

Designer Spotlight: Savannah Red, Eco-Friendly Designs for Plus Size Women

We’re exactly one week away from 2012’s Full Figured Fashion Week™. As the most anticipated event of the summer for plus size women, it’s always refreshing to meet new designers and companies that cater to plus size women.

Meet Savannah Red. Described as curvy couture, Savannah Red designs are fun and fresh, inspired by vintage silhouettes, and made for full figured women. The eco-friendly designs of Anslee Connell will be on display on Friday June 15th during FFFweek’s Indie Designer’s Showcase. Our Designer Spotlight of the day is Savannah Red.

What’s the story behind the label’s name?

Well, I grew up a singer. I got a notion and dyed my hair red. Around that time, I started to get into singing jazz and blues. My dad, who had given me my birth name, looked at me in practice and said, “You know, a lot of jazz and blues musicians have stage names. What about using Savannah Red for yours?” I liked the idea and as I grew as an artist it became a part of my creative identity.

{avion roulée: destination curvy couture :: afw 2011}

What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome when launching your own line?

I think the biggest issue was, and still is in some way, being taken seriously. Plus- sized fashion has been looked down on for such a long time, and I’ve really had to stick to my guns and prove myself along the way.

What has your most significant moment been as a designer so far?

That would have to have been when I got accepted into Full figured Fashion Week. It has been something I had been dreaming about and I couldn’t sleep the few nights after I got the acceptance email.

{electric geometric 2011}

Why design plus- size fashion?

Why not? It’s an underserved population. They are starved for accessible designs, fun fabrics, and a breath of fresh air! Let’s get the ladies what they want!

What is your favorite current trend right now?

I don’t really keep up with a lot of current trends. I usually get inspired by what I see, nature, music, color, friends, architecture, etc. I’m a vintage junkie, as is the city of Austin, so right now, I’m really digging the large, 70s style hats and the bright colors for summer.

{ruby room seattle 2011}

Are there really any fashion no-nos? If so, what are they?

Drop-waist dresses or no waist at all. Caftans. Stretch velvet. Ugg boots. I don’t think these look good on anyone, and the waistline is the most important part of any outfit.

Is there a trend you could do without?

I don’t really get caught up in trends and I think that certain ones can work for certain people. I wouldn’t wear skinny jeans, but that’s not to say that someone else could and look amazing. I think that the problem with trends is that they are mass marketed for everyone and they just don’t fit everyone’s body type or style. That’s what I could do without.

{eco fashion: spring 2010}

What inspires your design?

I love vintage silhouettes and old TV shows (think 50s – 70s). My Cherokee heritage is a huge inspiration to me right now. I also love to take inspiration from architecture, nature, colors, and so many other things that are too many to list!

Which celebrity would you like to see in your designs?

I love this question! I would love to see Queen Latifah, Adele, Kristina Hendricks, America Ferrera, Nigella Lawson, Christina Hendricks, Sara Ramirez, Mia Tyler, Melissa McCarthy, and so many more in some of my designs. I would be ecstatic!

{austin threads exclusive : spring 2011}

What can we expect to see from you during Full Figured Fashion Week™?

This year, I will be showing my Spring 2012 Collection “Native Swing,” inspired by the 1920s and my Cherokee Native American heritage. You’ll see some “drop-waist” style dresses that are tailored for a curvy body, lots of movement, and organic cotton prints that were designed by my aunt, Kathie Ball Mongtomery. It’s a really fun collection! It has deviated a lot from my usual 1950s retro style, so I’m excited to show something fun, fresh, and different, yet still my overall vision.

Make sure you check our Savannah Red Designs ast

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    June 7, 2012 at 1:31 am

    That’s my girl!! Anslee ROCKS!! I have several of her pieces that I’ve modeled, and LOVE LOVE LOVE every one of them! FFFWeek: you’re going to love this girl! ? She’s fresh, exciting, and adorable!

    Spruce Dickerson
    Miss Plus America ELITE 2011

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