INTERVIEW: Jay Everyday Appeals to the “Everyday” Woman with His New Fragrance

Jermaine "Jay Everyday" Smith

Jermaine “Jay Everyday” Smith has huge expectations for his new women’s fragrance, “Everyday” For Women. Created with the women in his life in mind, he pays homage to them with the launch of his new fragrance while further solidifying his position as a lifestyle and media mogul.

Mr. Smith was gracious enough to give us the inside scoop on his brand, his past and the future of “Everyday” For Women.

When and why was Everyday The Brand (ETB) created?

ETB was created in 2010 to provide a platform in media for myself and others who faced financial restraints for their projects/products.  The parent company was formed in the early 2000’s: Spittin’ Image (5.14.97) Ent, Inc.

ETB has a magazine, radio show and now fragrance under its umbrella. How are these elements the same yet different?

These elements are the same as they offer affordable outlets to anyone who wishes to see an “Everyday” stage play, advertise on radio, be featured in a magazine & smell just as great as any other woman; and at an affordable price.  They are different as they show different personal dimensions of the creator/founder.

When you were a boy did you dream of being a business owner?

When I was young I always wanted to remain creative because that was the main instrument that allowed me to escape the childhood that was thrust upon me with my father being deceased since I was 4 and my mother battling a 20 yr. substance abuse problem.

I’m sorry to hear about your father. From a personal standpoint, how did enduring the loss of your father affect you as a boy and now a man?

The loss of my father affected me tremendously because I did not have that male figure in my life to show the discipline, how to treat a lady and a snapshot of how a boy is suppose to grow. This misstep in many ways has caused me to lose some great relationships that I was not mentally ready for. I had my uncles, aunts & grandmothers but they could not compensate for the absence of my father; nor did they have the extra downtime to impart relationship advice or steps on how to become a better man. They were mainly there to shield my sister and I from the drug abuse and the lack of us having two parents.

How has your personal losses and trials affected your work ethic?

My trials and personal losses have driven me to push that much harder. I’ve witnessed my immediate family not have the finances to bury several family members. Therefore, I push that much harder to create a comfortable atmosphere for my children. I do not want to be a burden in death, nor one in life.

Was there a specific moment when you realized that “This” was your calling?

Yes. I believe it was around the age of 8. My mother had me visiting a psychologist based on a broken family structure and how it is possibly affecting me. At that point I was spoken on as different as to how visual  my writings were by the doctor and my teachers.

Your Social media persona is so positive and I love it! Why is encouraging and empowering others important to you?

Thank You. I mainly write to encourage myself, friends that I converse with and now to those that may inbox me as to what is going on in their life. I love the fact that it can help and motivate anyone who reads my post. I think the greatest love of it is to be appreciated over needed. I feel you can hate who you need, but you can’t hate who you appreciate.

Let’s talk about the fragrance, “Everyday” for Women. Why was it important to step away from traditional media platforms (magazine & radio) and create a fragrance for women?

I wanted to show my appreciation to the women in my life. I built the endurance and strength for the fragrance based on my mother’s 20 + year battle and eventual victory over crack cocaine (she is now saved & delivered for the last 8+ yrs) and my sister’s strength & endurance to overcome losing her 2yr old son which lead my mother’s change. Also to my aunts & grandmother’s who took the time to encourage, shield and pray for me as I grew from a boy to an immature man and  to a man now that’s trying to win for us all.

Hearing about your mom, her addiction and her healing is amazing.  I know she’s proud of you.

Yes she is super proud because it gives us a GOD given avenue to restart and build that relationship that we missed out on for all those years.

What steps did the two of you take towards restoring your relationship?

It is a Everyday process. I can say that her coming out to my shows for my stage play “A Piece of Me” was the beginning. She saw through my works of how I felt about forgiveness. She also got the chance to see individuals turning their lives over to GOD through a stage play.

Throughout the 50 shows; my mother may have attended close to 15 shows and we saved close to 100 people in 50 shows. We also got to see the gap in our relationship as we filmed a documentary segment on me for “The 700 Club”.

I’m sure many of us aren’t familiar with the process of creating a fragrance. Please tell me about that?

It’s pretty much all research, dedication & persistance. It is also knowing what you vision the fragrance smelling like. Therefore you must know your notes or have a glimpse of what you believe that some would love. Combining the bases of the fragrance with the middle notes and the top notes takes some thought, good chemistry and sampling of fragrance wearers.

The next few steps are all first (box) and secondary (bottle) packaging; which can be just as tough as creating the fragrance as well. I would suggest any and all to start with a fragrance brief to get your direction and to have others understand it as well.

Describe the “Everyday” for Women scent and what type of woman it appeals to?

“Everyday” for Women is a light, clean and woodsy feminine fragrance that shares a special Rose note with a distinctive Amber and other blended notes to set the sensual moment. My vision is for it to appeal to the Everyday woman. The Everyday Woman cannot be described. She is a single mother, she is a plus size model, she is the CEO, the construction worker, the Editor in Chief, she is an actress from the tv screen when she is off screen. I want my fragrance to be for that woman who may have 3 kids or for the woman who wants to feel empowered, encourage and great as she steps out into the world.

Why should a woman purchase “Everyday” for Women vs. her signature scent?

I believe that any woman should open her heart and mind to change. I would say to that woman; What made you change from your prior signature scent to your now current one? I offer a scent that is true to it’s name; that it is “Everyday” and it is for all occasions.

What’s next on the agenda for Everyday The Brand?

The next step for the ETB is to solidify a distribution deal for the fragrance with it’s vision of promoting the “Everyday” Woman theme.   Continue the push for workshops on Building a Brand and filming a few more TV pilot shows of “Everyday People”, and keeping the Internet radio platform open as we race to 3 million views/hits by the end of 2012.

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