Plus 10 {Model & Talent Division} Unveils The Color Of Real

Plus 10 {Model & Talent Division} Unveils The Color Of Real

The best part about being the Editor-In-Chief of DailyVenusDiva.com is the women I meet. Each day I get to interact with women whose internal beauty radiates just as much as their external beauty. While in Atlanta in February I had the pleasure of meeting this model turned fashion designer whose story is worth sharing with you.

Meet Theary Sim……

26 year old Cambodian model turn designer, Theary Sim is beginning to make her mark in the fashion community. Philanthropist at heart, Theary thrives to effect change the best way she knows how, which is through fashion. Launching Youtheary Khmer, her first curvy collection in 2009. When away from the sewing machine, Theary manages Plus10 division creating opportunities for aspiring curvy models to receive free training, education and mentorship to succeed in full figured modeling. Plus10 division volunteers as role models for Theary’s non-profit organization Pretty Perfect. Which caters toward over-weight teens ages 11-17 in providing camps, classes and mentorship to build confidence, self-defense and promote an active lifestyle. Empowering young girls that we are more than a pretty face.

The Color Of Real Campaign

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  1. Serwa Collins

    June 25, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Hello, Mrs. Penn!! I am interested in trying to send my pictures to Ms. Theary with Plus 10 Division ( I met her at The Fashion Model Bootcamp this past Sat in ATL & she said it was ok to send her some pics for consideration) and also to any other sites that are looking for aspiring models. Can you please direct me in the correct direction!!?

  2. Serwa Collins

    June 25, 2012 at 9:35 pm

    How I hate that we didnt meet at FFFW 2012!!! :(

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Stephanie Penn is the Editor-In-Chief of DailyVenusDiva.com. She spends her days and night finding plus size news to share with you and interacting with the DailyVenusDiva.com readers. She loves music, writing and anything with a positive vibe to it.

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