Winter Skin Battle

The inclement weather can do a number on your skin, you’ll find your glow from the summer fading, your hands are drier and your skin may be losing that luster. Here are some of my favorite beauty products and tips to keep my skin looking and feeling great all winter long.

  1. Shorten those steaming hot showers – Even though a hot shower feels amazing after coming from the freezing cold, the shower can actually be drying your skin out due to you losing water! Try to cut down the time spent in the steamy hot showers and use a body wash that is packed full of moisture. Try Olay Ultra Moisture body wash.
  2. I find that my hands dry out quicker during the winter. So I use Gold Bond ultimate healing lotion. It’s thick texture and moisturizes my hands keeping them soft all day without the greasy finish.
  3. I found one of the best body moisturizing lotions at a beauty event. Udderly Smooth goes on super smooth, it softens your skin and it also protects. I love the Udderly Smooth product line and I keep a little bottle with me everywhere I do.
  4. While visiting San Francisco I stayed at a hotel that carried L’Occitane products and fell in love with this soap. It’s gentle, with a great smell and of course moisturizes. I highly recommend L’Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap to help you battle the winter elements.

About Nina Taylor

Nina Taylor is a native of Washington DC. Full time she has a career in Medical Education and Part Time she is a Plus Size Model, The 2011 Face of Full Figured Fashion Week, Miss District of Columbia Plus America 2011, Host, Make Up Artist and Writer. Nina also has a strong passion to serve her community. She works with and provides support for pregnant teens, autistic children, donates her knowledge and skills in makeup, fashion and beauty to women in the DC area and abroad. Nina also assists young entrepreneurs in building businesses and has an extensive background in theater, public speaking and consulting.

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