Go Shopping With Rosie: Our W.C. Beauty Editor’s Holiday Wish List!

My wishlist is fab! These are the things I must have and that I just love! I am a big girl that has BIG taste and of course accessories make any outfit POP! I like to make it stand out of course with luxury… and need I remind you that I will never be to old for Barbies!

Michael Kors Gia Ostrich-Embossed Leather Satchel, Black

Michael Kors Large Runway Double Glitz Watch, Golden

If you dont know yet I collect Barbies! I love the new Grace Kelly Barbieso beautiful and elegant.

Chanel Set of 3 Books… Its a must to learn from the best!

What would I do without Gucci The Hollywood Slide its a must!

Rosie Mercado

About Rosie Mercado

To label Rosie Mercado simply as a plus-size Latina fashion model is understatement; not only is she a celebrity make-up artist, actress, radio personality, community philanthropist, and a single mother of three, she is also today's antithesis to models half her size and a role model for plus-size women all over the globe. Rosie's sheer will of domination and reinvention of both the modeling and fashion industry is propelled by her ambitious attitude in captivating the essence of the present in leading the fight for plus-size women to be less clandestine and more out in the world. Born in the heart of Southern California but cultured in Las Vegas, Rosie spent years overcoming weight struggles because before getting her big break in 2009 at The Miss Plus America Pageant, winning the runway competition and being crowned "Miss Nevada Plus America." Following her new-found passion, Rosie's modeling profile includes Miss Plus America Covergirl, Miss Plus America Runway Model, Miss Plus America Peoples Choice, and is currently the face of Full Figure Fashion Week 2010. Rosie is currently the host for Vida. She has been featured in plus-size oriented magazines Plus Model Magazine, SKORCH, and The Curvy Spot. Not one to settle for limitations, Rosie eschews any skepticism of her abilities as a model and beyond through her eclectic background. She is a recognized dual force in the entertainment industry as both and actress and voice-over artist, having worked with major Latino television programs Telemundo (Cin Cenos No Hay Parais) and Univision while lending her radio personality to frecuencia702.com and commercials for McDonalds and supermarkets, respectively. Rosie is also an experienced businesswoman who started out as a make-up artist and has built an impressive resume, reaching acclaimed status. She has done make-up work for prolific events like Miss Latina Beauty Pageant, Miss El Salvador Beauty Pageant, Miss Essence Beauty Pageant, and Miss Nevada Plus American Pageant and has contributed to editorial pieces for magazines such as The Best of Brides, Mia Beauty, and Las Vegas Bride. Furthermore, she has had the honor of styling celebrities Alynn Mujica, Carmen Villalobos, and Maria Fernanada Yepez. In encapsulating her success and experiences, Rosie created Bellisima, a cosmetic collection built upon a love, art, fashion, and classical Hollywood glamor who's mission is to "help every woman celebrate herself through self confidence, knowledge, and unique beauty." Having been up and running for the past two years, Rosie is currently re-vamping her business to include a charitable component designed to empower women with trade skills so they can become their own entrepreneurs. In addition to Rosie's Bellisima team, she also works with famed designer Larissa Navarro because "she understands my ideas and vision" in blending chic, elegant, and trendy wardrobe to reflect the personality of women in transforming them into models. Although Rosie is a well-seasoned artist, her real passion is to circumvent her career as a way to give back to her community by empowering plus-size women to love and accept themselves. Philanthropy work is at the helm of Rosie's endeavors, as she is a motivational speaker and has worked on campaigns for battered women as well as the Oscar Picazo Beauty Campaign. Rosie philosophizes in the idea that her career is not a job, but art combined with community advocacy that people will appreciate, and admire. In the midst of all her hard work, Rosie believes "success is earned not given".

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