Manfattan Project: A Collection Of Plus Size Photos

Manfattan Project: A Collection Of Plus Size Photos

Style Inspiration From The Manfattan Project

I love a great fashion blog!  Fashion blogs are filled with great styling tips, up and coming designers and so many goodies that would give any shopper a sugar rush.

Sometimes, a girl just wants to be inspired by photos of fashionable plus size women in their daily attire and that’s where The Manfattan Project comes in.

Tell me about The Manfattan Project?

The Manfattan Project, simply put, is a collection of photos. The photographs are of plus size women in fashionable attire that are spotted on the streets of New York City.

What is the purpose of your blog?

The purpose of The Manfattan Project is to display and celebrate the remarkably dressed fatties we see on the streets every day. The Manfattan Project is a space that celebrates fashion and large bodies.

Who do you feature?

We feature women who are dressed fashionably or uniquely with body types that the general public have deemed “plus size”. This is sometimes difficult because it is hard to decide if someone is a size 14 or larger by just looking at then.

Why is there a need for a blog such as this?

There are many online blogs dedicated to outfit of the day posts, styling tips and inspiration (many of which I am OBSESSED with) but The Manfattan Project is a bit different in that it celebrates the reader. The women who are featured are of all different sizes, races and all have their own personal style. With so much variation, if you cannot see yourself in one of the women posted to the site, you can see yourself in another fierce fat gal on The Manfattan Project page.

How do you select who you will feature on the blog?

The way I go about choosing who to put on The Manfattan Project has a lot to do with confidence. I find myself drawn to the women who look like they love what they are wearing and feel really good about the way they look. Of course I am drawn to big women wearing clothing I myself would love to own as well as women wearing unique pieces I have never seen before.

How did you get involved this blog?

One day I was browsing through the plus size fashion blogs I had bookmarked and visited regularly. Even though I was aware that Melissa, the creator of The Manfattan Project, had stopped updating the blog I decided to go look at old posts. To my surprise she had just updated the site and put a message out to the blogosphere asking if anyone wanted to take over The Manfattan Project. I loved her idea of a space that celebrates the large bodies that are often discriminated from mainstream fashion and so I thought I could revive it!

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