Barbie Gets Tatted Up……But How About A “Plus Size Barbie”

Since introducing Barbie to little girls everywhere in 1959, Mattel constantly attempts to make Barbie appeal to a new generation. Barbie started out as a wholesome girl who spent her days hanging out with Ken in her dream house.  Fast forward over 50 years and now parents are outraged because their beloved Barbie has turned into a rocker chic, complete with tattoos and all.

When I took to the web to find pictures of the tatted up Barbie, I decided to google the term “Plus Size Barbie” and here is what I found:

Effie from Dreamgirls

The beauty with the powerful voice stole the show in this hit play turned movie so why not idolize her with her very own doll. The dress she’s wearing is from the finale but what I like the most is the manufacturer made sure her gown couldn’t fit Deena Jones (the Dreamgirls lead singer).

Rosie O’Donnell

Released by Mattel many many years ago, Rosie is the closest thing to a plus size barbie and with her getting her own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network recently, Mattel may want to dust off the dolls that didn’t sell and try to re-market the “Rosie Doll” to a brand new audience.

Emme Aronson

How can we forget about “The Emme Doll”. Modeled after Emme Aronson, the first plus size super model, this doll evoked class and glamour but most of all she had a great sense of fashion.  Her doll may have been released years ago but I would rock the above outfit right now!

Sadly, none of these dolls are available now but it sure would be great if Mattel would make a doll that resonated with over 60% of women in America who just happened to be plus size. Maybe I should add that to my Christmas list this year.

About Editor-In-Chief, Stephanie Penn

Stephanie Penn is the Editor-In-Chief of She spends her days and night finding plus size news to share with you and interacting with the readers. She loves music, writing and anything with a positive vibe to it.


  1. emma bate says

    A plus sized Barbie, i’d get my daughter one she loves barbie and i think that a plus sized one is a positive thing as you never seem to get plus sized dolls for little girls!

  2. venus says

    I have been a barbie colletor for 5 years now and I would be first in line for a plus size barbie that would be great.

  3. sharon mims says

    i agree plus size barbie would be great!!! every beautiful woman in the world isnt a size 0 keep it real!!!!

  4. says

    I remember all those plus size dolls. The problem with them was that they were so expensive compared to a regular Barbie which you can get for under $25. It would be wonderful if someone would come out with an affordable plus Barbie.

  5. Desiree says

    My mum and I collect fashion dolls and we have an Emme…. she was so hard to get even on the 2ndry market. Obviously whoever owns her is not letting her go. She is a beautiful doll. But I can tell you now what Mattell would say to developing a “plus sized” Barbie. NO…. because of Barbie’s size it is nearly impossible to make her even “normal” sized and have the clothing fit. I has to do with the fact that you can’t scale down the bulk of fabric. That is why she was made with the ridiculously small waist in the the first place. It works for Emme and Effie because these dolls are 16-18inch dolls…. not the smaller 11 1/2 doll that Barbie is. But we can always dream I guess.

  6. Johnc702 says

    Several of these games are worth some time and are actually afkkabkkccda

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