Ways To Embrace Your Curvy Figure

You’ve got curves, you’re a plus size woman and you are beautiful so why aren’t you convinced of how wonderful you are yet? With Love Your Body Day (October 19), this month, now is the perfect time to embrace those lovely curves of yours. This post is part of the 2011 Love Your Body Day Blog Carnival

Exude a healthy amount of confidence. If you’re unhappy with the way you look it’s extremely difficult to be confident. Each morning upon waking up, look at your self in the mirror and repeat after me,

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Your hips, your thighs, your eyes, oh my!

Tell yourself how beautiful you are throughout the day. Point out different parts of your body daily that you like.

Understand that everyone is different. You may be a pear shaped size 22 and your best friend my be an apple shaped size 8. Just because she is shaped differently than you are, that doesn’t make her figure any more appealing. Don’t worry about what others are saying about your curves because for every person your physically envious of, someone is in awe of you and your curvy body.

Bring Sexy Back. Confidence and Sexy are next door neighbors. Regardless of your size, remember that you are sexy. Keep your sexuality in mind when you are getting ready for a hot date or hanging out the girls.

Accent your curves. Never ever use clothing to hide behind your curves. If you’re a busty girl, accent your bust with an appropriate top. If you have shapely calves, strut your stuff in a shorter skirt and heels. Whatever you’ve identified as the best part of your body make it your focal point.

Keep Smiling. Nothing says confidence like a beautiful smile. When you walk into a room, let your presence be felt with a simple grin while holding your head up high in you walk. There is so much to smile about.

Be Proud of Your Curves.  There are so many curve friendly events that you can attend and we talk about the daily on DailyVenusDiva.com. Join our community of women embracing their curves.  DailyVenusDiva.com is a great source for everything curvy so make sure you join our mailing list today.

Tell us….how do you embrace your curves?

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Stephanie Penn is the Editor-In-Chief of DailyVenusDiva.com. She spends her days and night finding plus size news to share with you and interacting with the DailyVenusDiva.com readers. She loves music, writing and anything with a positive vibe to it.

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