MTV’s Latest Reality Show -‘Chelsea Settles’ Features Plus Sized Star

MTV’s latest reality show ‘Chelsea Settles‘ features a beautiful plus sized 23 year old diva who dares to dream and moves to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fashion. In an industry where weight is so heavily scrutinized and real plus sized women are often ignored, Chelsea who is 324 pounds shares with us her journey to make her dreams become a reality. Below see the trailer of ‘Chelsea Settles’ which will air on October 11 at 11 pm on MTV.

 I’ll be tuning in, will you?

About Curvy Confidence Editor, Limarie Lewis

Limarie Lewis is a Philadelphia native recording artist known as Poetikmind with her independent critically acclaimed album titled "Deep Thoughts Defined". She is a wife, stepmother, poet, writer, Sunday school teacher, administrative assistant and Plus Model with TRUE Model Management. She holds a BA in Elementary & Special Education and enjoys working with youth and empowering women of all ages to love themselves for who they are because they are fearfully and wonderfully made.


  1. Terry, Jr. says

    I think I might watch that show. She seems really genuine and sweet and full of ambitions. But I’m STILL looking forward to TLC’s Big Sexy!! Seems this Chelsea Settles show focuses on weight loss and stuff and I’d rather watch something about plus size women who EMBRACE their size NOT hate their size!!

  2. says

    Yes. I saw this and I wasn’t really excited about it because it seemed like the same old formula and those stereotypical thoughts about obese women. “Oh she’s so beautiful…cute…and smart….talented….full of personality BUT she’s fat. LOLOLOLOL…That’s so done.

  3. Chya Holland says

    The first time I watched “Chelsea Settles” it was by mistake due to my constant flipping throught the channels… I decided to stay tuned b/c I thought Chelsea was such a beautiful girl with a captivating personality… its funny that I did not notice her weight first. I did however notice all the similarities between she and I. She would be such an awsome friend… today I posted on my Facebook page… “Chesea Settles… you are my Kim Kardashian”… I cant wait for the other 5 episodes to air. Keep being you Chelsea, because you are perfect just the way you are!

    -Chya P. Holland

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