TLC’s BIG SEXY Follows Five Fabulous and Fashion-Forward Divas

What do you get when you take five plus women who are fabulous, fashion-forward and not afraid to show off their fuller figures…….BIG SEXY!

TLC’s newest three-part series BIG SEXY, which premieres on Tuesday, August 30 at 10 PM ET/PT.

About the series:

The image-conscious industries of fashion and modeling are difficult to penetrate. With trends and looks that dominate the urban scenes, Americans have grown accustomed to perceptions of what is hip and forthcoming. BIG SEXY New Yorkers Leslie, Tiffany, Audrey, Nikki and Heather hope to expand and revise this commonly-accepted idea of what is beautiful and sexy – giving viewers a candid look into their lives as confident plus-size women who are shooting for the stars with their careers.

These women do it all! Viewers get to follow these ambitious women as they design clothing, book modeling gigs and take over Manhattan on their own terms. BIG SEXY follows these fashionistas as they make plus size sexiness the norm.

Expect to see the women of BIG SEXY attend major industry events, parties and networking opportunities while juggling their everyday lives. According to reps at TLC one thing is clear about the women of BIG SEXY, “they are big, they are beautiful, and they are not sitting at home waiting for life to happen. They know better than anyone that real women can be sexy with curves — no matter what society says”.

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  1. says

    I can’t wait to see this show! I’m plus sized and I love myself for who I am and it’s so awesome to see that we’re exposing other’s confidence as well. We are beautiful.

  2. Chloe says

    This show most certainly should be canceled because as it is we already have a huge obesity epidemic. This show is only promoting a very unhealthy lifestyle followed by Many health risks such cardiovascular disease, heart attaks, hypertension, diabetes and stroke to name a few. 95% of overweight people WANT to lose weight, no one wants to be overweight!

  3. chowchillagal says

    Wow, Chloe

    Were you aware that there is no disease out there that is exclusive to the obese. Did you know that THIN people die from cardiovascular disease, heart attaks, hypertension, diabetes and stroke every day? Must be unhealthy to be THIN, too!

    And apparently you are unconcerned about how the unattainable bodies that are promulgated by the Fashion and Diet Industries are directly related to anorexia and bulimina? But that’s OK, because THEY look “Good” to YOU?

    The emotional damage that is inflicted on women by the Fashion industry is not just directed at the obese. Are your breasts perky enough? IS your butt the right shape? How about the laugh lines developing on your face?

    Whatever happened to celebrating diversity? Embracing the beauty that is in all of us? How about following the journey of these women as they have learned to accept themselves as they are, and make the best of who they can be. Maybe, we should all, fat and thin learn to follow these concepts. Not only will we be happier AND healthier for it, so will be the people who we love and love us.

  4. Momma Kate says

    Big Girls are Beautiful! I my self am a HEALTHLY Plus Size Women!! not everyone is built the same and its about time big girls are taught or shown that its alright to love who they are AND ROCK THE BIG GIRL BODY!

    I AM BEYOND PROUD of the station Airing this its for sure PAST DUE!

  5. Emma says

    I love the idea of this show. I’m a teen and I got picked on alot when I was younger I’m 15 and a size 16 I have always heard I am pretty enough to be a model and encouraged to be I would kill to be a model!

  6. amber barker says

    My dream since I was a little girl Ive wanted to be a model…I know I can make it as a plus model bc Ive been told by many people….but living in a tiny town and being less fortunate (in other words) I would never have that chance…and it made me cry when I found out there was a show like this now im green with envy of these woman who were lucky enough to make it.

  7. AshleyFireStar says

    I am plus sized and I love myself. I pity those little stick figure you see on the run ways. I’m training to be a nurse and I know being that thin is seriously unhealthy it’s in fact better for you to be slightly overweight then underweight… I am rooting for these five beautiful strong women, if anyone can show the superficial world we live in that big is beautiful it’s them. Also they are sending a message to all the plus sized girls out there. They are telling them that even if you are a bit bigger then the people around you that doesn’t mean you aren’t just as beautiful.

  8. Anonymous says


  9. Heather says

    I am not a plus size. I just watched the 1st show and I loved it. The show is about embracing the greatness in you. And the how unfair they are treated sometimes just because of their size. No matter what size we are we all just want to be accepted and try sometimes to be what others want. Instead of embracing our true self and being true to ourselves. I don’t think the shoe is encouraging an unhealthy message….that is just ridiculous.

  10. Marva says

    Every one was beautiful
    Suggestion for Leslie. Get rid of the bangs
    She has a beautiful face and hair but is limiting her style With
    The bangs

  11. Shelley says

  12. Terry, Jr. says

    This is one show that needs to be extended BEYOND just three parts!!! It needs to be a perminate series!!! Finally a show that addresses the struggles of plus size women and showcasing them in a positive light rather than making them lose weight. Seriously, plus size females have a right to stylish fashions too!!! The right to have a soulmate, a right to live their lives without ridicule just because of their size!!!

  13. Cindy Kesy says

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Great show so totally enjoyed it and I hope that it last awhole lot longer then 3 shows.

  14. ShellBell says

    75 years ago it wasn’t ok to be a woman…
    50 years ago it wasn’t ok to be black….
    30 years ago it was fine to molest your own children…
    15 years ago it wasn’t ok to be gay…
    and 1 year ago it was fine to bully people…
    Change is a comin’ people. We have to start somewhere and this is a perfect venue to speak out about something that is just unfair. Embrace diversity people!! I loved the show..loved the girls!!
    Heavy people are human, too!!

  15. Leslie says

    This show made me laugh out loud! How refreshing! After the girls were on for a while, it was easy for my eye to refocus my perception of beauty. By the time they went to the runway show at fashion week, the high fashion models were the ones that looked like FREAKS! Kudos to TLC for having the nerve to run this show. It will be a hit — and it is about time!!

  16. Betty Moreno says

    GIRLS U R SO BEAUTIFUL! WOW. I am a skinny big girl. What I mean by that is that I was 360 pounds and had a gastric bypass for health reasons back in 94. So now I am a size 2 but I will always be that 360 pound woman and chubby girl who went through all those years of feeling fabulous even though everyone else told me I was ugly and too fat. I too wore too much make up and had to make my own fashion because no one else would.

    I applaud each of you for your sexy fantabulous beauty, inside and out. I couldn’t wait to see you. You are long overdue. You are trendsetters and inspiring to women of all sizes. Go give them hell. For all women struggles not just sizism you are breaking barriers. I will be glued to the DVR for all your episodes and shared your info on Facebook for my friends to see. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. TLC proves they are willing to go where other networks haven’t before. Great job. This is going to do great things for women. You are so brave TLC Thank you for bringing this relavant issue to the America Public. Congrats girls.

  17. leticia says

    I am excited to see this show! I already have my DVR set……I just hope that they aren’t a hott mess! I swear some people are ignorant, just because they are plus sized doesn’t mean their unhealthy- skinny people suffer from many illnesses too. i know I’m a plus sized woman and guess what i take my butt to the gym more then most of my “Skinny” friends and on top of that I am truly PROUD to be a plus sized woman in a society that praises the twigs of the world and gives everyone else a SEVERE complex about their appearance. We are not all perfect and I believe that it is our flaws that make us unique. Hopefully this show will give the plus sized girls all over the world a little more confidence to be who they are and love themselves for being that person regardless of their outer appearance.

  18. Anonymous says

    Love the show, you all looked great in your bathing suits!!!! Finally some intelligence on a reality show!!!

  19. mspanther says

    Love the show.feel that Audrey should look pretty,aporachable,not scary.crazy and stand offsh.Have folks look at you for your beauty not at you cause of your too over the top street look.

  20. Rachel says

    Has this show been cancelled? I was waiting for it to start, watched the first few episodes, then nothing.

  21. mar says

    Love the show.finally,a show about big girls.sorry,all you ladies are pretty,but Tiffany she’s smoking hot…!!!

  22. reson says

    wonder full this show i have nevry se before but many people they like size modal and i agree that my self i like little girl

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