Plus Size Urban Style & Chic: Plush Boutique

Plus Size Urban Style & Chic: Plush Boutique

Plush Boutique is a ladies boutique featuring clothing sizes 4 -24.  Where else can an entire group of ladies shop RYU, Von Vonni, Ella + Cathy, IgigiMonif C., Sealed with a Kiss, Silver JeansCJ Jeans by Cookie JohnsonEmbody Jeans in one single place. Founded by Wendy Brown in Atlanta, Georgia Plush Boutique is the prefect merger of urban style and the slick, chic & sophisticated.


This year Plush Boutique is one of the fashion boutiques showcasing their garments during Full Figured Fashion Week™.

How did you get into fashion?

What a great question! I became a lover of fashion in high school.  I enrolled and excelled in my first Fashion Merchandising class and I have been hooked every since.

When did you realize you wanted to be a boutique owner?

One of first full time jobs was in a men’s clothing shop and I was always getting ideas on how to run my very own. After years of working in corporate America and deep soul searching I decided to revisit the notion of owning my very own of piece of fashion heaven.

Is there anyone or anything that inspired you?

I find stylish inspiration everywhere!! I love pop culture, street fashion and old black and white movies they are all excellent sources for inspiration. Then there are style icons like Dorothy Dandridge, Audrey Hepburn, Diane Von Furstenberg and Queen Latifah.

In Latifah’s case I simply adore how she has taken us on a fashion journey over the years from completely street to more refined and glamorous.

What are your thoughts on plus size fashion?

I feel that plus size fashion is making great strides to catch up to main stream fashion. More and more I am seeing designers expand their size ranges to at least offer up to a size 20 or even a 24. Hopefully this will remain the trend, expanding collections to a broader consumer base. Fiscally it just makes sense; women that are size 14+ are not the minority we are the majority and we are not walking around in tents and moo moos we are demanding high fashion and think finally designers are starting to heed the call.

How does it feel to be apart of Full Figured Fashion Week™?

Taking part in Full Figure Fashion Week™ on any level is a great honor, this year we have the great privilege of showing pieces of new collections. I am excited beyond words. Gwen DeVoe has given full figured women a great platform to declare that +size fashion is a mainstay. Kudos to Gwen for being such a trailblazer!

What inspired the garments that we will see during the Finale Fashion Show?

Last year at FFF Week(end)™ LA we gave a showing of a broad mix of pieces, this year in NYC I am collaborating with my a few of my favorite indie designers to showcase highlights of each of their collections.

What kind of woman does your fashion appeal to?

Plush Boutique is ever evolving; our #1 goal is to appeal to the everyday woman. The only caveat is most women are not the same girl every single day. Her personal style may range to the causal tee and a great fitting pair of jeans to a stunning cocktail dress for a night out with the girls. We strive to be that one stop fashion resource.

For more information visit www.plushboutique.net

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