Authentic With Love: February 2011 Letter From The Editor

This month I turn 33, February 13th to be exact.  Each year I try to do something different to celebrate my birthday and this year I decided to host a ‘Brunch & A Movie” event and invite 20 of my close friends.  Once I decided on what to do, I contacted my sister-in-law, Le’Trice Penn of Le’Penn Designs to create my birthday party invitations.  Once Le’Trice finished with the invitation proofs, I replied that they were “ok” and that she could send them to print.  Two days later I received my invitations and couldn’t stop gushing over how beautiful they were.  I went on and on for at least 5 minutes expressing my satisfaction with her work.  Before hanging up the phone, she confessed to thinking that I didn’t like them because I didn’t get super excited about the proofs and that comment made me think.

It takes alot to bring certain emotions out of me.  Whether it’s a simple “I love you” or a chuckle, I am often viewed as being a reserved person who does not show my feelings or emotions but that’s the furthest thing from the truth.  I think the way we react to people or things should be sincere and for that reason, I don’t react the way I should but the way I feel.

If we laugh at every little thing (funny or not) people will start to question how authentic our reaction is.  So when you laugh at a joke make sure it’s funny.  Your reaction will be appreciated in the long run because of it’s honesty.

Our Cover Guy, Anthony Anderson is responsible for putting smiles on many of your faces and bringing laughter into many of our lives.  In this feature interview, Anthony takes a more serious tone as he talks with our LifeStyle Editor, Olga about Diabetes awareness and ways to live a healthier life.

We also do our part as Venus Divas and support the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women Campaign.  We believe in supporting others and their cause so each month we are pledging to do our part by spotlighting an organization that we feel is worthy of your attention.

As we countdown the days towards Valentine’s Day, we have some special features in store for you:

  • Men That Love Our Curves
  • Real Couples, Real Advice
  • How To Nab A Sugar Daddy By Valentine’s Day and
  • The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Scentuality and Seduction

We also have a special announcement coming soon and want you to check back on a daily basis to find out what it is.  Here’s a hint… involves hanging with our staff at a plush hotel doing what women do best….Having Fun!!

Continue to visit us for daily news, contest and features.  We would love to hear from you.

Much Love,

Stephanie Penn-Danforth and the Team

Anthony Anderson – Fame, Fortune & Life With Diabetes: February 2011

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