The International Rescue Committee Encourages You To ‘WAKE UP’

Violence against women and girls is a serious topic. So many women and girls around the world face an unspeakable amount of violence and abuse. In the chaos of conflict and disaster, women and girls are at even greater risk as their bodies and spirits become the forgotten frontline. Sexual violence is not just a by-product of war; it is also a strategy of combat used to terrorize and humiliate.

Each day, women and men are fighting for a safer, more peaceful world. It is a world where women and girls live free from violence, where a girl can go to school, where a woman is empowered to choose who and when she will marry and where gender is not an obstacle for a girl to reach her full potential.

The Wake Up Call is the International Rescue Committee’s new interactive multimedia site where people can take action by viewing, uploading and sharing photos, video and comments about what motivates and compels people to keep working for equal rights and an end to violence.

Upon visiting the Wake Up Call visitors can watch and read the powerful stories posted by others, feel inspired and leave their own comments.

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