5 Tips For The Perfect Holiday Table

For those of us not coming from the Martha Stewart School of Decorating, setting the perfect table sure to wow and amaze your holiday guests doesn’t always come easily, and can actually add to the already stressful preparation process.

Here are 5 easy tips sure to put the reluctant hostess’s mind at ease:

Fabulous Fabric

An easy option for tricking out the table is using contrasting and coordinating Sure Fit’s Cloth Napkins and Placements. Using two toned fabrics makes fashionable décor look easy.

Stylish Seating

Spruce up your seats with Sure Fit’s Dining Chair Cloth Slip Covers and make mismatched or tired looking chairs look coordinated and chic.

Pretty Produce

An easy alternative to potentially pricey flower arrangements can be found in the produce section of any grocery store. Scatter pine cones, pile green and red apples in a pretty serving dish, or place fresh holly in a clear glass vase for a unique and creative way to make your table fab.

Truss the Table

Sometimes the dining room table just wont cut it when it comes to fitting the fam, and reinforcements in the way of the unsightly but necessary folding tables are brought in. Table Attire Table Covers by Sure Fit Home Solutions are contoured covers made to fit over your folding tables, turning the table from cheap to chic in instant.

Friendly Fire

Tapers, tea lights or votives, candles are the sure fire way to set the mood and give your table an instant glow.

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