Escape The Cold With Plus Size Swimwear

When you think of warm weather, thoughts of beaches, traveling and heated getaway’s come to mind. In the past, many designers neglected the plus size consumer in the department of swimwear but that has changed. is one of the many reasons that shopping for figure flattering swimsuits are now easy.

Designers who have embraced plus size women by entering the plus size swimwear industry are often greeted by women who look forward to shopping for fashionable vacation apparel including swimsuits, cover -ups and more.

Below are a number of choices that can add versatility to your summer swim wardrobe:

Plus Size Tankini

This look combines a tank top with a matching bikini bottom. Tankini bathing suit pieces are usually sold separately, making them perfect for the woman who’s a different size on top than on the bottom.

Plus Size Skirtini

This look is very similar to the Tankini with the bottom being a skirt instead. It allows you to show less your hip area.

Built-In Bra Tops

This suit is for the womanmore support on top. There is a certain amount of security that these swimsuits give because of it’s ability to uplift you.

Plus Size One-Piece Swimsuit

For the woman who does not feel comfortable wearing swimwear separates, one-piece swimwear is a great option. As one of the more popular choices, this swimsuit is often available in many sizes, colors and styles.

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