Angie Stone Opens Up About Life, Blessings & Her Future

Venus Diva magazine has always been about celebrating the beauty of a woman with curves. Embracing the accomplishments we achieve in our day to day lives. This motto does not exclude our ‘curvy’ celebrities. Plus size women celebrities have it real tough man. But its nothing they can’t handle.

I have adored Angie Stone since I saw her video for my all time favorite song, ‘ Wish I Didn’t Miss You’. I cannot tell you how many times I played that song over and over in my home. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine me working with her on this amazing interview. But here I am…with you… and our beautiful Angie….

We sat down, shared laughs and spoke of it all. We realized we had more in common and this encouraged a great new friendship. She was sensitive to me developing type 2 Diabetes after the birth of my daughter.

We are both curvy women, mothers and diabetic patients. I was sensitive to the lost of her best-friend, her father. He was there the day she was diagnosed with diabetes. He reassured her that all would be good. He passed later on that year but she made a promise to him, that she will beat this illness.

What are you working on right now with your album?

Olga, I am out darling. Heading out to my beautiful Africa to tour and support my community. A place I dreamed of visiting for the longest of times.

Can you tell us about your fifth studio album ‘Unexpected’? By the way my favorite song of this album is ‘I Aint’ Hearing You’.

Unexpected is close to my heart. I was recording this album and half way through my father suddenly passed away. Leaving me crushed and lost but his spirit was with me and he didn’t raise no quitter. I was inspired to make this my best work ever and the title comes from his unexpected death.

It is a whole new Angie you will hear in this album. I didn’t want to sound repetitive so I got a more dancing rhythm going on here, more festive even.

Your smile is amazing, and what is behind that smile??

I am for the first time in a long time in total control of my health. I look and feel more fit, because being diabetic I need to have my weight under control. I recently found out my family was filled with closet eaters and diabetes runs strong in my family. I took full charge of my kitchen, the foods that come in or out of my home.

What projects are you working on for 2011?

I got two movies ‘Boulevard West & Protocol‘ , and a television show called ‘Ancestors’ [that I’m working on]. I enjoy different challenges and acting is a whole new world that I a just loving. It gives me another source to share with my fans and supporters.

Angie, can you describe Thanksgiving day in your home?

Girl, I cooked the most delicious turkey. We didn’t do the ham this year. We missed it but its all about moderation. Maybe next year? My home was filled with laughter and warm embraces over a dinner cooked with love from me to them.

Do you have a New Year Resolutions?

I want this one to be different. I would like to make one as a family group effort. I want my family to be more health conscience.

Angie thanks for this great interview and for being a prime example that curvy women belong in the entertainment business.

To all of our must enjoy this album for yourselves..

**This interview was possible through Kevin Benoit. The man with a million connections!!!! Muah.

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