Michelle and Henry Roth Runway: 2010 Fall Collection

When it comes to bridal gown designers, Henry and Michelle Roth are among my all time favorites and once I saw their fall collection, I was more in love than ever. The silhouettes are sharper to flatter curves and show ‘confidence with no bounds.’ According to Henry and Michelle their inspiration was a love affair. Only this time the bridal gown is having a love affair with itself.

Each gown was a celebration of sophisticated femininity in an array of light weight tulle, organza, light weight satin, new generation tissue taffeta and chiffons, which is great news for curvy brides. These fabrics bring out the best in your curves and you will feel it the moment you step into a gown.  Although there were many wonderful couture confections on the runway, here are a few that I took special note of:

Zoe by Henry Roth is a Satin Polka dot 50’s organza ball gown that seemed to float down the runway.  A ballgown is a wonderful way to accentuate gorgeous shoulders and a small waistline for a very modern Mad Men look.

Hibiscus by Henry Roth features an embroidered tulle overlay 50’s waist swirl skirt. The skirt drapes a cit closer to the body for a more modern twist on the 50’s (sock hop) skirt. This is a wonderful choice for hourglass and inverted triangle body shapes.

Martine by Michelle Roth has satin ribbon textured frills caught on tulle over French Chantilly lace. It’s romantic, sexy, sophisticated and chic. It’s perfect for hourglass shapes.

With its organza frill neckline, Natalie by Michelle Roth is anything but frumpy. These are definitely not your grandmother’s frills. Light, sexy, yet ethereal with a sheer drop skirt, it’s all about feeling like a real sophisticated woman.

The runway show was terrific, Henry made his own special music mix to go along with the runway show and he opened the show with his usual effervescence. You can tell that each creation is a labor of love for this brother and sister team. Find out more about them and see more of this wonderful collection visit their http://www.henryroth.com/michelle2.php . If you’re in New York you can make an appointment visit http://www.kleinfeldbridal.com/  to see the collection or to find out when they’re holding a Henry and Michelle Roth trunk show.

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