5 Best Valentine’s Gifts You’ve Never Heard Of

5 Best Valentine’s Gifts You’ve Never Heard Of
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Forget chocolates or the boring shirt and tie! Here are the top five gifts for Valentine’s Day – starting under $20. Ignite your lover’s passion!

5. Edible Passion Powder with Feather Tickler: The Gift of Taste with You as The Main Course

Use the feather tickler to dust the delicious Chocolate Raspberry or White Chocolate Passion Powder on your body. Invite your lover to a delightful game of “Find the Flavor.” ($15.50)

4. The Best Valentine’s Day Card Ever: A Greeting Card with Lover’s Coupons

Typical Valentine’s Day cards tell your sweetheart that you care. With nine sensual coupons, the Passion Parties Valentine Lover’s Greeting Card helps you show your love. Coupons are redeemable for “A Night of Unbridled Passion,” “Naughty Movie Night,” and more. ($6.00)

3. Sensual Massage Candle That’s Deliciously Edible

Light up the night with passion with the Tasty Temptation Massage Candle. This soy-based candle evokes the senses of sight, smell, touch and taste. Light, pour and lick. The candle melts into warm, yummy, cherry-flavored massage oil – perfect for relaxing your honey on V-Day. ($20.00)

2. Gels Infused with Amino Acids Boost Arousal & Orgasms

Give the gift of stimulation with gels infused with L-arginine and Arginine that heighten arousal and sensitivity during lovemaking. L-arginine is an amino acid. When applied to the genitals, it has been scientifically documented to increase blood flow to boost orgasms for him and her. Passion Parties’ Pure Satisfaction® UniSEX Enhancement Gel is infused with L-arginine and can be used on him and her. ($39.50)

Arginine is unique as it is responsible for vasodilatation and supporting healthy sexual function. For women, the RomantaTherapy G-Spot Creme uses Arginine to enhance the sensation for G-spot orgasms. ($29.50)

1. The First Couples Toy Providing Clitoral & G-spot Stimulation During Love Making

Give each other the ultimate Valentine’s Day with the gift of pleasure. The We-Vibe is the first couple’s toy that can be worn during lovemaking for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Created from soft medical-grade silicone, the hands-free We-Vibe conforms to the female shape, comfortably fitting her internal contours for delectable stimulations for her and her lover. Passion Parties is the only company with the newest version of the toy – the We-Vibe II with added features for extra stimulation. ($130.00)

These products can be purchased at a Passion Party or online at Passion Parties is North America’s largest party-plan company selling romance products. Each year more than 1.2 million women attend Passion Parties because there are sensual products for every budget and taste.

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