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mrdarcyA native of Amityville, New York, Chamein Canton is a freelance writer, author and literary agent with a small literary agency that now bears her name. This longtime Jane Austen fan and all around romantic holds a degree in Business Management from Empire State College and lives on Long Island with her twin sons, Sean and Scott.
When not writing romance novels and books all of us can relate to she is also the Wedding Editor for Daily Venus Diva. As an added bonus, Chamein has been kind enough to share a brief synopsis of her next novel with us immediately following this interview.

Tell us about your newest book?
Waiting for Mr. Darcy is about three beautiful, successful full figured women over 40 who like many other girls fell in love with the classics written by Jane Austen. From Sense and Sensibility’s Edward Ferrars, Emma’s Mr. Knightley and of course last but not least Mr. Darcy. Though Alicia, Gabby and Lauren are over 40 they aren’t ready to turn in their hot chick cards for the hot flashes of menopause. They’d like to find a man who is charming, a little smug and intelligent and cute to shate the prime of their lives (even if one of them doesn’t know she’s looking).

What made you decide to write it. Is it inspired by a real life situation?
I read my first Jane Austen novel when I was ten and I was hooked. After I read Pride and Prejudice I fell for Mr. Darcy and I always wanted to write a book with a few of Jane’s touches in it. The story was also inspired by the way love sometimes enters your life unexpectedly and sometimes where you least expect it. I met my boyfriend when I had honestly stopped looking and he’s turned out to be my Mr. Darcy.

Once you conceptualize a story, how long does it take you to write about it?
I have to say it depends. Sometimes a story concept comes to me while I’m sleeping so I keep a notebook next to my bed so I can write it down while it’s fresh in my mind. Other times it’s current events (politics, sports) that inspire me to come up with storylines. My actual writing time varies depending on my schedule and how I’m feeling physically. If I’m feeling prolific I can write a novel in a month or less. And other times it takes a few months to really come together. No matter what I try to craft a story readers will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

What are you reading right now?
I’m in a Jane mood again so I am re-reading Sense and Sensibility.

Are you working on your next book? If so when will that be released?
I just finished the edits on my next book Mixed Reality, which is set against the political background of City Hall. It comes out in June 2010.
In the meantime I’m also working on my next book, Mulligan’s Mix.

Short Synopsis Of Mixed Reality- When Elle Brennan’s husband, popular New York City Mayor Douglas Brennan is tapped to be the next junior senator from New York , she suddenly finds herself going from life in a fishbowl to life under an electron microscope. As a part of the Brennans, an American political dynasty, for twenty-two years she was used to scrutiny but after two terms as mayor, Doug made some enemies who look for anything to derail his ride to Washington. When a secret alliance is discovered between the mayor’s married younger brother, Rory and an African American woman his estranged wife files for divorce and cites Elle as the other woman. Soon Elle finds her twenty year marriage in choppy waters just as she makes what should be a happy discovery. Can she and Doug weather the political storm and continue sailing to happiness or will her brother in law’s secret destroy them?

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